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Fast - Accurate - Economical

The Matrix Measuring System is a fast, accurate, and economical approach to industrial part measurement.

It is a superior quality linear measuring device featuring an easy to use /read digital display and is constructed with a patented rigid aluminum framework.

Our system offers precise measurement of aluminum and plastic extrusions, tubing, pipe, roll forming, molded parts, steel shafts, wood and many other products.

Standard units available in 48" through 120" configurations with other custom lengths available.

The patent pending Matrix Measuring System is manufactured by Matrix Measuring Systems, Inc.

Matrix Measuring System
Linear Measuring Systems

Accuracy and Efficiency

The Matrix Measuring System is a precision system and has an accuracy of +/- 0.005" or 0.1 mm over length of table with repeatability 0.0005" or 0.01 mm.

We have combined our advanced design and technology with the precision quality of the Sony® Brand MagnaScale to offer you the very best in linear measuring, the Matrix Measuring System.

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

The Matrix Measuring System minimizes human error by incorporating an easy glide system for smooth movement and consistent measurement. It measures quickly and accurately and is built to survive in demanding shop environments.

Our system offers years of sturdy and dependable operation. Using the Matrix Measuring System will increase your shop efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Custom jaw configurations such as the 45 degree attachment shown above are available to measure your specific product. Other configurations include hole-to-hole, edge-to-hole and end-to-end.

Matrix Measuring System Pricing

Standard Base Unit models:
  • Each unit includes:
  • Digital Readout
  • Mobile Table w/lockable casters
  • Standard Jaw configuration
  • Two work-holding Supports
48" Length $5400.00 each
72" Length $6700.00 each
96" Length $7945.00 each
120" Length $9045.00 each
144" or more Please call or email
Shipping is not included in prices.
Matrix Measuring Full Table

Matrix Linear Measuring System

Custom Options and Add-ons:
  • 45 Degree Measuring Attachment
  • Hole-To-Hole Measuring Attachment
  • Edge-To-Hole Measuring Attachment
  • Additional Work Holding Supports
  • Custom Jaw, Length and Table Configurations
  • Bases available with or without casters
These options and add-ons are not included in the Standard Base Unit price. Please call or email for a specific quote.

Matrix Measuring Systems are custom built in USA and require 8-10 Weeks Lead time.
For orders and more information:

Matrix Measuring Systems, Inc.
Phone 330-718-2804

Fax 330-872-1632
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The Matrix Measuring System features a Digital Readout.

Are all Digital Readouts the same?
Many linear measurement systems are based on optical principles. A light source and photo-detector are guided along a glass scale to "read" the overlapping patterns of light, which shine through or are reflected from the grating on the glass. This is a source of problems when measuring as this optical method does not work properly in the machine tool environment due to contaminants effecting the "read". Any machining process will cause a build-up of dirt, dust and grime carried by the oil and coolants. This same build-up will coat the glass grating and when this occurs the measurement stops, production stops and with it goes your productivity and profitability! With Glass scales -- if it doesn't see, it doesn't work.
Sony Digital Measuring Display
 Digital Display Features:
  • Easy to Use Standard Functions
  • Inch / mm Conversion
  • Selectable ABS/INC Display
  • Datum Point Memory
  • Linear Error Compensation
  • Data Storage
  • Reset/Preset/Recall
  • Data Storage
  • Selectable Resolutions 0.0005, 0.0001, 0.00005, and 0.00002
  • Repeatability 0.0005" or 0.01 mm
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.005" over length of table
  • RS232 Port

Our Readout solution

Unlike glass scales, the magnetic scale technology  we use doesn't have to "see" to provide precise linear measurement. That's because as the machine moves the reader head "senses" precise magnetic graduations recorded on a metal rod or ribbon. So our system functions regardless of dirt, dust, grime, oil or coolant in the environment. Since the digital gauge is magnetic, its accuracy is unaffected by dew condensation and adhesion of coolants. The scale is made of metal, so it is highly resistant to oscillations and shocks.

No Comparison

Although glass and magnetic scales work on totally different principles, they are both guaranteed to provide the same scale accuracy. However, one of the most often overlooked sources of errors is the differing thermal expansion of work piece, machine and Digital readout scales.

Ideally, all three components should expand equally. With magnetic scales, they actually do! Glass scales can lag behind by almost 30%, so the scale can indicate a positioning error that may be quite significant over long lengths. Remember that a piece of steel one meter long will expand by 11 microns (half a thou) for every 1 degree C change in temperature.

Our digital readout is designed to work with our highly advanced measuring table, and delivers the technology and accuracy needed for precision measuring.

More Details

Our system features the The Sony ® MagneScale measuring technology.  Which comprises a magnetic scale and flux-responsive multi-gap head that detects linear or angular displacement. Permanent magnetic graduations of 0.2 mm pitch are recorded on a rod or ribbon made from ferromagnetic alloy, the use of a special recording head and a laser measuring machine guarantees these graduations are extremely accurate. The flux-responsive head detects the magnetized pattern on the scale as a signal corresponding to displacement.

Precision Quality at its Best

 We have combined our advanced design and technology with the precision quality of the Sony® Brand MagneScale to offer you the very best in linear measuring, the Matrix Measuring System. The Matrix Measuring System is used for both quality checks and production.

Matrix Measuring System is formerly known as AcQslide Linear Measuring System, manufactured by Crissman Tool & Machine.

Custom Diagonal Measuring Design
Custom design that provides diagonal measuring so that part can be measured for squareness. Jaws pivot and allow highly accurate diagonal measurement. Table shown below is custom configuration/design with arm extensions that hold large parts, sheets, etc. while still allowing person to get between arms to stand closer to parts and measuring unit.  Call for quote on this custom design.


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